How does a project come about you may ask

This is our methodology

1.The idea - we would make a load of notes on what we would like to achieve

2.Do some research on the net to see if anyone has already done it , and maybe use some of their ideas

3.Breadboard the idea and video the process

4.Test the idea on the breadboard and cost the components and video the process

5.If all the above is ok then we would open up Kicad and make a schematic all the way through to the pcb design and save all of the production files.

6,Next we would import the production files into Flatcam and create the gcode files for sending to our milling machine. and mill the part.

7.Once milled and all of the parts are soldered we would then test it all again - if we are happy then would send the gerber files to a pcb house

8.Once we receive the boards back from the pcb house - we would solder the parts onto it and test.

9.If all is good - we would cost it all up ready for sales as a kit or a complete article.and put on the website.

10.Create all the documentation , finish the youtube video then send out a newsletter to our customers with all the relavant information


Once it is done we would look at the project and see if it can be expanded and then follow the above process to get version 2 etc and just repeat the process.

Hope that helps - If you need more information just use the contact form and we will get back to you asap.


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